Festival of Leaves #8

Boer war memorial – morrab gardens, Penzance

The war memorial to honour eight men from Penzance who lost their lives during the Boer War was erected in Morrab Gardens in 1904. The memorial takes the form of a life-size statue of a volunteer soldier in khaki, wearing a Baden-Powell hat, and leaning on the butt end of a rifle. His head is bowed.

If you want to join in with celebrating the colours of autumn then take part in the Festival of Leaves 2019 hosted by Dawn Miller.

17 thoughts on “Festival of Leaves #8

  1. Beautiful! Wishing you a happy Friday, Jude 🙂 🙂 After a walk this morning, I hope to watch Rafa this afternoon. Not sure that he can pull this one off!

  2. It’s a lovely shot Jude. The Boer Wars feel like the forgotten conflicts; I’m always surprised to see how many NZ casualties of the Second Boer War appear on our war memorials.

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