Last year I did a post about the statistics on my blogs in lieu of the report that WordPress used to send us all at the end of the year so I have had a look at this year’s results. This flower blog has not really been very well visited this year, but that may be due to the fact that I only post weekly now as most of my blogging takes place on my Cornwall blog and I haven’t left the county to visit any other gardens. Flowers on Friday was a new theme this year and regularly attracted 50+ views. The Spiky Squares challenge during March was around about the same.

Most views during the last year (2019)

  1. Flowers in Australia #4
  2. Mrs Greville’s Rose Garden
  3. More from Nymans
  4. Flowers on Friday – Anemone coronaria
  5. Last year’s statistics – Things you have liked
  6. Flower of the Month – January
  7. Cornish Wild Flowers in June
  8. About Page
  9. Flowers on Friday – Foxgloves
  10. Spiky Squares #4 and Flowers on Friday – Helenium

Most of my garden visits tend to be within the county of Cornwall at the moment so they appear on the other blog. I might start doing more macros of flowers and nature which I will post on here, but for now this site will be hibernating until springtime. I thank all of you lovely fellow bloggers who take the time to look at my photos for your visits and especially those of you who comment, it is always nice to know what you are thinking and to have a chat. I wish you all a happy, healthy and nature-filled year ahead.

Most Popular Posts of 2019

14 thoughts on “Most Popular Posts of 2019

  1. A thought-provoking post. I activated Google Search console some time ago (it was a Daily Post instruction and I was quite obedient to those, back in the day), to get some insight into what traffic Google sends my way. The majority of directions turned out to be to a single post with ‘rose, peony or camellia’ in the title. It reminded me of your Flowers in Australia 4 post, which is subtitled ‘trumpet vine or creeper’.

    I actually felt quite guilty that people were being directed to the post which started off as a fun, Weekly Photo Challenge post. I have since edited it, to try to make it a bit more helpful for anyone landing there, but still think I have written other posts that would be more useful for people searching for things. I suppose Google has a problem – if people type in “trumpet vine or creeper”, where does it send them? It suggests that Google is not half so subtle or all seeing as we might assume – although it has a very big task. Your post on Nymans is one Google should be directing people to. I get no Google traffic at all to any of my posts about gardens, other than as a result of image searches.

  2. It’s lovely to see these beautiful flowers and to have a reminder of warm spring and summer days. An escape from grey winter for a short while! 🙂

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