Tree Squares | Blossom

This month’s Square Challenge is all about trees. Now trees are not the easiest of subjects to square up, so Becky is relying on us to show some imagination in how we present them. For the first week I am going to look at trees that have blossom.

Jacaranda Tree

Tree Squares

27 thoughts on “Tree Squares | Blossom

  1. Beautiful trees – the jacaranda made me say ‘Wow!’ I’ve seen them in Spain but I don’t think they could survive the winter here. (RHS says they need 5 to 10 C.)

    • Still locked down? I am actually dreading the next month as cases are going to soar here. And we don’t really know how long the immunity from the vaccines actually lasts. If they get this wrong there could be an awful lot more deaths.

  2. I’ve never seen a Jacaranda in flower other than via a blog, but they must be amazing. That cherry looks very special too, and the magnolia.

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