Tree Squares | Unusual Trees

This month’s Square Challenge is all about trees. Now trees are not the easiest of subjects to square up, so Becky is relying on us to show some imagination in how we present them. For the second week I am going to look at unusual trees.

Ai Weiwei’s iron tree

Tree Squares

26 thoughts on “Tree Squares | Unusual Trees

    • Yes, the tree of Life is just the right size for a small garden, Becky and I have already decided we’d like to share it!

    • And thanks for following this flower blog. I will get around to writing about the gardens I visited in May! Time just flies by during the summer, I wish it went so fast in winter.

        • Thanks Megan. The reason I stopped was because I wasn’t going out of Cornwall so all the gardens I visited were posted on the Cornwall blog. Hopefully I’ll get out of the county more over the next few months.

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