Tree Squares | Antipodes

This month’s Square Challenge is all about trees. Now trees are not the easiest of subjects to square up, so Becky is relying on us to show some imagination in how we present them. For the fourth week I am going to look at trees from the Antipodes (that’s Australia and New Zealand for us Brits).

White bellied Fish Eagle in a Gum Tree

Tree Squares

7 thoughts on “Tree Squares | Antipodes

  1. How amazing to have been close enough to an eagle to take a picture. Where was that? I have a file of pictures of trees I really don’t think I ought to crop square, but it has not been as hard as it sounded at first.

  2. Some amazing trees. I love how different Antipodean plants are to ours in the UK – it must be quite a sight to see these unusual-looking (for us) trees growing together. 🙂

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