Tree Squares | Out of Africa

This month’s Square Challenge is all about trees. Now trees are not the easiest of subjects to square up, so Becky is relying on us to show some imagination in how we present them. For the final day I couldn’t choose just one so please enjoy a taste of Africa.

On Day 3 Septimus (Becky’s ginger cat) was caught up in a tree – does this leopard beat that?

“I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills.”

― Isak Dinesen, Out of Africa

On Day 5 Becky showed us a Milky Eagle Owl – how about a Yellow-billed Hornbill?

Not in a tree, but in amongst the African thorn trees (Acacias) a young Springbok scratches an itch

And finally, three iconic southern African trees.

Once again, thank you Becky for being a fabulous host of the Square challenge. I am sure now you probably want to retire to a desert for a month after seeing all these trees!

Tree Squares

22 thoughts on “Tree Squares | Out of Africa

  1. Not sure about retiring to a desert, but maybe I could go on safari! These are beautiful Jude, the colours in particular and I am so very impressed that you remembered the owl. Thank you for being here weekly and more 😀

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