A Week of Flowers: Day Two

For a second year Cathy of Words and Herbs is hosting a Week of Flowers, inviting everyone to share some “extra colour and cheer” by posting one flowery photo a day, for a week.

Polygala myrtifolia – Sweet pea bush (November 29 2021)

A great excuse for me to post some of the recent colour found in the sub-tropical gardens close to home.

16 thoughts on “A Week of Flowers: Day Two

    • This one totally surprised me. I also had to look it up as I wasn’t familiar with the flower. This one, and yesterday’s are from the Penlee Memorial Garden in Penzance. The rest of the week will come from the George V Memorial Walk in Hayle. Both these gardens can be found on my Cornwall blog along with the Morab Garden which is also in Penzance. I’m always astonished at how much is in flower here during the winter months.

      • What a beautiful walk – I’m somewhat envious, LOL! And the polygala is lovely too – especially in flowering so late in the year.

  1. A lovely hot pink for winter, or summer too. It’s going to be a very warm and humid day here after more than 400mm of rain in the last two weeks. It’s so green. Happy Friday to you Jude.

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