Festival of Leaves #13

copper beech in the lane A final look at these lovely trees, which have provided me with a splash of brightness in these dull days of late autumn. And I shall take this opportunity to wish everyone a lovely festive season, celebrating whichever way you choose to and thank you for visiting my blog(s) duringContinue reading “Festival of Leaves #13”

Festival of Leaves #12

copper beech in the lane It’s wet and it’s dull, but along the lane next to the little woodland on Lelant Downs, there is still some brightness. Though more and more of these lovely leaves are lining the edge of the lane along with oak, maple and sycamore (header). This is the last week forContinue reading “Festival of Leaves #12”

Festival of Leaves #11

copper beech in the lane The leaves of the Copper Beech tree (Fagus sylvatica) turn the most gorgeous bright copper colour in autumn and are among the last deciduous tree to lose its leaves. A flash of bright beauty on a dull November day. If you want to join in with celebrating the colours ofContinue reading “Festival of Leaves #11”