Garden Portrait: Mrs Greville’s Rose Garden

Mrs Greville’s rose garden at Polesden Lacey in the Surrey Hills  is set out in a simple cross pattern, with long, box-edged, wooden pergolas, adjoining seams of ‘Munstead’ and deeper ‘Hidcote’ lavenders, walls draped in clematis and a water tower festooned in an old Chinese wisteria, it is a mass of pink and white in the summer months. This…

Macro Monday #95

(click to enlarge to full size) Rosa x oderata Mutabilis is an old tea rose with a light fragrance. She is repeat flowering and ideal for hedging and loved by bees. The pointed flame-coloured buds, open to butterfly-like, coppery-yellow, single flowers on airy growth; changing to pink and finally coppery-crimson. Requires a warm, protected position.

Macro Monday #87

(click to enlarge to full size) I only wish my clematis would grow like this, smothered in blooms. This was seen growing on a wall in Mousehole. It’s mauvish-crimson colour screams at you and the silky, velvety iridescent flowers are majestic as you get close to them. Though I do now see that something has…


It rained this morning. The flowers were very grateful for the drink and even the magpies came into the garden for a wash and brush-up in the ‘bird bath’ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge | Cooling

Macro Monday #68

(click to enlarge to full size) A new crocus in the garden, Crocus tommasinianus, an early flowering species and the absolute classic, mini mauve candle. Planted in a shallow bowl this year along with Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ and some miniature daffodils, but they will go into the grass after flowering where they should self-seed and spread. Loved…

Macro Monday #67

(click to enlarge to full size) The first flower in my garden this year.

Macro Monday #66

Ring out the bells for Christmas (click to enlarge to full size) I wish all my blogger friends a happy Christmas in whatever way you choose to celebrate the festive season and a wonderful year ahead making and sharing many happy memories.

Alternative Advent #22

In the period leading to Christmas some people buy an Advent Calendar to check off each day before December 25. Usually intended for children, it appears that in recent years there has been a rise in the popularity of luxury ones aimed at indulgent adults who feel the necessity to treat themselves on the run-up…