Square in September

Becky from “A life of a 40 something” is posting a flower a day throughout September, in the square format. She’d love you to join her. day 28

garden photography: luscious lilies

June is all about ‘the essence of summer’ (This month I want to see what summer means to you. Still focussing on the garden or parkland let your photographs tell me your story of summer-time wherever in the world you live. ) More scent this week, and a flower that shouts summer to me. Lilies….

Flower Portrait: Guernsey Lily

(please click to enlarge) Guernsey lilies or Nerine Bowdenii bear beautiful pink blooms on sturdy stems at a time when flowers are scarce. Best planted in clumps for a dramatic late season display, the flowers can be cut for indoors. Also available in colours ranging from white to deep-pink. Nalinki at Angles and Views has…

L is for Lilium

LiliumĀ are bulbous perennials with erect stems bearing whorled or spirally arranged leaves and terminal racemes or umbels of bowl-shaped, trumpet-shaped, funnel-shaped or turk’s cap shaped flowers, often fragrant, and white, yellow, orange or red. They prefer well-drained soil and a sunny position, but are very hardy and will survive very cold winters. They just hate…

Arum Lily

Zantedeschia fall into two main types: hardier outdoor forms, often called arum lilies, with striking white flowers; and the more tender forms, typically with white-spotted leaves and pretty flowers in yellow, orange, pink or dark purple. These are often called calla lilies.

Crinum x powellii / Swamp Lily

Crinums have big funnel-shaped blooms in clusters of up to 10 flowers festooning flower stalks up to 60cm tall. They have an incredibly sweet scent and a long blooming period.

Martagon Lily

The common name comes from the style of turban adopted by the Turkish ruler, Sultan Mohammed 1, which was known as a martagon and had a similarly pendulous shape. Hence, too, the alternative alias – Turk’s cap lily.