December Cheer

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Thank you to all in the blogging community who have visited this site and liked and/or commented on my posts over the past year. I am always happy to see you and have a chat and I welcome your input into this blog. Have a lovely happy festive season and a very happy New Year with lots of good health, happiness and peace in 2016. I hope to see you all in the New Year 🙂

Garden Portrait: RHS Wisley part 2

Since I had taken so many photographs on my August visit,  I have split the Wisley post into two parts. This week we have a look at the Model Gardens, which aim to inspire those of us with normal sized plots, the Hilltop Borders and the Walled Gardens, finishing with the Loggia and Canal. (Part One is here)

So feast your eyes once more:

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Garden Portrait: RHS Wisley part 1

Visiting RHS Wisley, the flagship garden of the Royal Horticultural Society, is always a delight. No matter what month. So when an opportunity arose that would enable me to revisit my favourite garden I jumped at it. My last visit was on a cold December morning in 2013 so it was a real pleasure to return on a hot summers day in August when not one, not two, but three events were running simultaneously. Celebrating 150 years since the novel Alice in Wonderland was published the garden was buzzing with excited children hunting down Alice and the Queen of Hearts, or maybe it was the mums because I doubt that many of the small children I saw even knew who Alice was. The second event was a sculpture trail to which I paid scant attention and then there was the fuchsia event. I suspect that was in the Glasshouse, but I never even got that far as I was more interested in looking at and photographing all the wonderful plant-life in the garden.

Not so much a walk, rather a sedentary stroll through some of the 60 acre site on a very warm, late summer’s day.

Full of colour and texture, the famous Mixed Borders are a 128m-long horticultural wonder.

The Long Borders

The Long Borders

In summer these borders are at their absolute peak. Colour, shape, form all designed to stun and wow the visitor. The cool and pastel-inspired perennials contrast with the hotter sections intermingled with tall grasses, salvias and dahlias. It can take a while to simply peruse this part of the garden. Continue reading

Floral Friday Fotos

Nerine sarniensis

A frost-tender bulb, originally from South Africa, these flowers were part of the Nerine Display in the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley  where they have over 500 plants. The most incredible thing about them (apart from the colours) is the way that some of them sparkle as if they have been dipped in that sparkling dust children use on their artwork.

(click on an image to enlarge and see the sparkle)

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