Plant Portrait

Muscari armeniacum is a lovely deep blue grape hyacinth – the classic. Together with Silver Grape Hyacinth ‘Valerie Finnis’.  A lovely silvery-blue which contrasts nicely. Bees love them both.  

Plant Portrait

Silver Grape Hyacinth ‘Valerie Finnis’. These lovely Grape Hyacinths produce delicate flowers heads of an unusual sky blue colour with a silvery sheen. Bees are attracted to them and hopefully they will spread over the years. Currently grown in a pot, but once they are over I will transplant them into the border.

Macro Monday #72

(click to enlarge to full size) This double white camellia has been with me since Ludlow. When we moved two years ago it was covered in flowers, but last year only had two. During last summer I watered and fed it and gave it a mulch of fresh Ericaceous compost and in the autumn buds…

Plant Portrait

Muscari armeniacum is a lovely deep blue grape hyacinth – the classic. Grape hyacinths are very easy to grow and are brilliant for pots as well as flower beds. They will thrive inside or out in a sunny position but don’t mind a bit of shade.

Macro Monday #71

(click to enlarge to full size) “I gazed – and gazed – but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought.” ~ William Wordsworth

Macro Monday #69

click to enlarge to full size The second flower to bloom in my garden on February 11th. Though with far fewer buds than last year.

Five Minutes with a dying Helleborus niger

DesleyJane – a lovely arty scientist now living in Melbourne – is also a wonderful photographer and a huge macro fan. She has a new challenge called “regularrandom“ for anyone to join in with which involves spending 5 minutes with the subject matter. Choose a scene or an object and keep fixed on that object,…

Macro Monday #68

(click to enlarge to full size) A new crocus in the garden, Crocus tommasinianus, an early flowering species and the absolute classic, mini mauve candle. Planted in a shallow bowl this year along with Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’ and some miniature daffodils, but they will go into the grass after flowering where they should self-seed and spread. Loved…

Macro Monday #67

(click to enlarge to full size) The first flower in my garden this year.

Tree Series #25

Sun setting on Butser Hill. The last tree for a while. Next Monday we’ll be back to macro photos of flowers as it will be the beginning of spring (meteorological that is)

Tree Series #24

Butser Hill, a chalk hill in Hampshire, close to the Surrey/West Sussex county borders, is the second highest point of the South Downs (Blackdown is the highest). It is located within the borders of the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, situated about three miles south of the historic market town of Petersfield. Once close to where we lived it provided the…

Garden Portrait: Spring at Hinton Ampner

This Georgian house stands on a ridge of chalk above well-treed farmland in Bramdean, Hampshire. It was inherited by Ralph Dutton, the 8th and last Lord Sherborne, in 1935 and he devoted the next fifty years to improving it. Author of ‘The English Garden’ he produced a very elegant house, landscaped gardens and parkland. On…