RHS Wisley Glasshouse

For St George’s Day here is another view of one of my favourite English gardens, RHS Wisley in Surrey, the Glasshouse viewed from the Wild Garden. Indoors you’ll find colourful intricate flowers Great orchids we have – they’ll entrance you for hours. Plus cacti and cycads, bananas and climbers Staghorn ferns – now they’re reallyContinue reading “RHS Wisley Glasshouse”


Magnolias are one of my favourite plants, although I have never been lucky enough to grow one. Still there are plenty out there for everyone to enjoy. The main one featured here is Magnolia Stellata¬†“Jane Platt” a lovely baby pink. The twinkling starry forms of stellata contrast with the large flat saucers and huge gobletsContinue reading “Magnolia”