Flowers on Friday

Amomyrtus Luma

This large evergreen shrub can grow to 20 feet (6m) so not one for a small garden. In spring it produces abundant clusters of creamy-yellow flowers and both they and the foliage are scented. It usually flowers in May, but in some years can flower in March. These were seen in March here in Cornwall this year.

Flower of the Month: March

This year March came in like a lion. After a very pleasant and unexpected ‘false spring’ in February, the wind and rain returned though happily interspersed with sunshine and at the tail end of the month calm and sunshine returned and March disappeared like a lamb.

So many bulbs which might have made it as the flower of this month had already made their presence known in the previous month, in particular the daffodil or narcissus, so I am awarding the flower of the month to the magnificent Magnolia. Cornish gardens in particularly are home to many of these magnificent trees, some of which grow to a great height and to add to the pleasure they are often found among Camellias and Rhododendrons.

All these Magnolias were photographed at Lanhydrock, nr Bodmin, where they have over 120 varieties.

Flowers on Friday

The Crocus

The crocus is one of the first flowers to emerge in the spring. It is often referred to as the light bulb flower because it looks like a bright light bulb until the petals unfurl into the cup shaped flower. This year the displays have been fabulous.

Then from my heart will young petals diverge,
As rays of the sun from their focus;
I from the darkness of earth shall emerge,
A happy and beautiful Crocus!

~  Miss Hannah Flagg Gould

A bowlful of crocuses – ‘Cream Beauty’, ‘Snow Bunting’, ‘Blue Pearl’

Macro Monday #92

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This pretty shrub was covered in flowers in early June (Bonython Garden) I think it is Halesia carolina (Snowdrop tree or Carolina Silverbell), but I don’t think I have seen one before. It is so pretty. Originating from south-eastern USA it is a hardy tall shrub/small tree. The spreading branches are heavily laden with white flowers whose dainty handkerchief skirts and yellow stamens hang down like nodding bells. It usually flowers in the UK in May, so a little late this year.

Macro Monday #81

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Abutilon vitifolium

A large deciduous shrub with grey-felted shoots. Grey-hairy leaves, flowers: pendent saucer-shaped purple-blue on long stalks. Commonly known as: Chinese lantern, Flowering maple, Parlour maple.

Macro Monday #80

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.  ~ Imogen Cunningham.

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Elegantly twisting

My final tulip this year (I know I have gone on a bit) is this pretty purple one performing its last dance. Tulips give so much pleasure even in their dying moments. As tulips are my favourite flowers it seems a fitting photo for the end of the WordPress Photo Challenge which I have to thank for giving me inspiration when I first set out on the blogging journey. The weekly challenges enabled me to study the images I had in my archives that could meet the brief, or to go out and take a new image, bearing in mind the requirements. I began to take more considered shots. Understand what it was I wanted from a photograph; what I wanted my image to tell others. The challenge also helped me meet other bloggers in this vast blogosphere and create some long-lasting virtual friendships. We will all miss the weekly challenge, but I am confident we will continue to inspire one another as we share our worlds.

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