White Magic

White Magic

“On these debatable borders of the year, spring’s foot half falters;
Scarce she yet may know the leafless blackthorn blossom from the snow”

~ Dante Gabriel Rossetti


The delicate blossom of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa) appear like a ghostly mist spreading across the still bare hedgerows.


“the hedge’s a bridal robe of white fragrance”

~ Thomas Hardy


 A symbol of fertility the blackthorn branches were burned and its ashes spread over the fields of our ancestors to ensure a profitable harvest.

Amelanchier canadensis

amelanchier canadensis

A good choice for a small plot, this handsome tree is compact in size and works hard for its place in the garden by putting on shows of blossom, fruit and autumn leaf colour. Usually grown as a multi-stemmed specimen, it enjoys a sunny or partially shaded spot in moist soil. White blooms decorate the branches in early spring and are followed later in the season by purple fruits. In early autumn, the dark green leaves turn vivid shades of gold before falling. BBC Gardening