Flowers on Friday

On a trip down to the Lizard peninsula last Saturday (before the horrid rain and wind re-appeared) I discovered a whole lot of Geranium sanguineum, (common names bloody crane’s-bill or bloody geranium) that I didn’t see last year. These lovely vivid magenta-pink flowers with palmately-lobed leaves are so much nicer than the Herb Robert andContinue reading “Flowers on Friday”

Bee #1

This week I am going to give you a week of bees. Or hoverflies. Though the bees have definitely outnumbered them this year. Planting bee friendly plants has drawn them into the garden, but the most bees I have seen on any one plant (Giant Scabious / Cephalaria gigantea ) was in Trelissick Gardens on Sunday. They wereContinue reading “Bee #1”

Plant Portrait

This pretty spring-flowering plant scatters its seeds all over the sunny side of my garden. Despite pulling up dozens of plants each autumn come the spring and it is everywhere. I love the azure blue flowers with the white or yellow centres and the pinkish buds of the clusters of five-petalled flowers. The Wood Forget-me-notContinue reading “Plant Portrait”

Macro Monday #57

(click to enlarge to full size) Also known as Queen Anne’s lace this is a dainty, frothy wildflower. Unlike cultivated carrots, the wild carrot’s root is tough and stringy and not particularly palatable. Wild carrot can be often be found growing on grassland, cliffs, roadsides and in hedge banks. Wild carrot flowers in the summer (JuneContinue reading “Macro Monday #57”