VanDusen Botanical Garden

I have written about visiting this garden in Vancouver, British Columbia in my Travel Words blog, but I didn’t post many photos from the actual garden so I thought I’d remedy that. It is a large garden (55 acres)  to walk around, but it is not difficult terrain. The garden displays plants, grouped by genus or geographic location, in picturesque landscape settings. There are vast lawns, quiet lakes, trails and pathways to stroll along, all with a background of Vancouver city and the mountains. I have been there twice – the first time was in 2005, the second in 2010 when there was a Zimsculpt exhibition which featured wonderful African sculptures naturally within the landscape.

Close to the Visitor centre you can find a lovely Fragrance Garden and the Phyllis Bentall Garden which features a lily pond and pots full of unusual pitcher plants. A short stroll brings you to Livingstone Lake, a Woodland Garden, the Mediterranean Garden and Southern Hemisphere Gardens from where you can cross the lake over a floating board-walk to the Heather Garden, a uniquely planted Black Garden and the Heritage Rose Garden. The natural planting in the Perennials leads you back towards the entrance along the great lawn and to the Rhododendron Walk. This leads to a lovely Korean Pavilion and Meditation Garden before heading up to  the Sino-Himalayan area where rocks and waterfalls can be found.

If you do find yourself in Vancouver then I urge you to make time to visit this lovely botanic garden.

(click on an image to take a walk through this garden)

Boy with Dolphin

Statue in Van Dusen Garden, Vancouver, bronze – gift of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pitcher to mark The Year of the Child, 1979

The original of Verrochio’s 15th C. fountain is located in the courtyard of the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy, by Andrea del Verrochio (1435-1488). Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli were his most famous pupils.

statue in van dusen gardens