Welcome to Anemos

The wood anemone confirms the arrival of spring along with primroses and crocuses (though I haven’t seen many of these this year). These star-shaped beauties light up a dark corner on a sunny day. Also known as Lady’s Nightcap, Windflower or Smell Fox due to the musky scent of its leaves, the name originates from Greece where ancient Greeks believed the flower was a gift from the god Anemos sent to herald his coming in spring.

anemone nemorosa 'vestal'

anemone nemorosa ‘vestal’

A. nemorosa is a dwarf herbaceous perennial to 20cm in height, with a slender rhizome and deeply cut leaves. Solitary flowers with about 7 white petals, sometimes flushed pink on reverse.

Anemone Blanda

This plant produces a great low-growing mat of flowers. The cheerful star-like blossoms come in pink, blue, and white, and the attractive finely cut leaves disappear soon after flowering.

D is for Dahlia

Dahlias are mainly grown for the summer border and cut flowers and they can keep on flowering until the first frosts. They come in many different colours and flower types from a small patio plant to huge dinner-plate sized double decorative specimens.



Chocolate Cosmos

Cosmos atrosanguineus derives its Latin name  from its colour of dried blood – but the plant’s popular name, chocolate cosmos,  comes from its incredible chocolate fragrance

“Chocolate Velvet” Click image to enlarge

Another lovely fragrant flower in my favourite colour, it really does smell of chocolate… and vanilla! I rescued three of these plants from the market this summer when they were in a pretty dire condition (only cost me £1 each). Re-potted and given a ‘Chelsea crop’ they have flourished and rewarded me with many lovely blooms. Although not hardy so they won’t survive the winter here, I think I have had my money’s worth from them this year 🙂

Bearded Iris

Iris may be rhizomatous or bulbous perennials, with narrowly leaves and erect stems bearing flowers with 3 large spreading or pendent fall petals, alternating with 3 erect, often smaller, standard petals, in late winter, spring or early summer

Bearded Iris