Helenium “Riverton Beauty”

This easy to grow perennial brightens up the border in late summer and early autumn. ‘Riverton Beauty‘ has bright yellow, daisy-like flowers whose petals lie horizontal to the dark brown, centre cone.

Helenium “Chelsey”

When compared to more commonly offered varieties, such as ‘Moorheim Beauty’, ‘Chelsey’ distinguishes itself by having fuller flowers as the petals do not droop, and being more compact with very thick stems, making it a much sturdier plant. ‘Chelsey’ also provides extra intrigue, as its crimson petals are often flecked with bright yellow highlights, whichContinue reading “Helenium “Chelsey””

Helenium “Moerheim Beauty”

Autumnal daisy with richly hued,  copper-red petals set round a velvet-brown middle lightened by ochre shading on the petals and the ochre fuzz of the central cone – droops its petals.  Sneezeweed is tall, and is great for filling gaps in borders and adding height. It looks particularly good with grasses. And bees love it.