April Flower: Trillium cuneatum

trillium cuneatum

Trillium cuneatum is also known as Wake Robin or Wood Lily or Sweet Betsy (USA). Originating from southeastern USA it is hardy throughout the UK and northern Europe. The musk scented maroon flowers are produced surrounded by  broadly oval-rounded, often pointed, mid-green leaves marked pale or silver-green.

Autumn Beauty: Gunnera manicata

The Gunnera produces a massive inflorescence of small, reddish flowers. This flower spike can be up to 8 ft long, and if removed can weigh as much as about 30 lb. The first flower spike will appear with the young leaves in April and develop slowly – changing in colour from red to brown as it progresses. Be aware that pollen is shed in May or June with seeds ripening in October.

gunnera flower

Autumn Beauty: Geums

Geums are hardy perennials with evergreen leaves. Flower colours range from white through all shades of yellow, orange, pink and red, and they may be single or double, both forms often occurring on the same plant. Coccineum cultivars have upward-facing bright orange/red single flowers.

Michaelmas Daisies

Michaelmas, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel (also the Feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, the Feast of the Archangels, or the Feast of Saint Michael and All Angels) is a day in the Western Christian calendar which occurs on 29 September (Wikipedia)

Michaelmas Daisies or Asters are in flower at this time of the year so the flowers are associated with the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere. They come in colours from pale blue to deep lavender, pinks, mauves and white and the bees and butterflies love them.

Helenium “Chelsey”

When compared to more commonly offered varieties, such as ‘Moorheim Beauty’, ‘Chelsey’ distinguishes itself by having fuller flowers as the petals do not droop, and being more compact with very thick stems, making it a much sturdier plant. ‘Chelsey’ also provides extra intrigue, as its crimson petals are often flecked with bright yellow highlights, which vary in proportion according to how much sunlight each individual flower receives.

Helenium “Chelsey”

Helenium “Moerheim Beauty”

Autumnal daisy with richly hued,  copper-red petals set round a velvet-brown middle lightened by ochre shading on the petals and the ochre fuzz of the central cone – droops its petals.  Sneezeweed is tall, and is great for filling gaps in borders and adding height. It looks particularly good with grasses. And bees love it.

helenium moerheim beauty