Aberglasney: A Garden Lost in Time

Aberglasney’s garden only began in 1999 when Graham Rankin, gardener and director of operations took over the restoration of this forgotten garden. Once the diggers and archaeologists had departed he was able to get to work.  It’s not a big garden and it is still a work-in-progress, but there is enough now to interest plantsmen toContinue reading “Aberglasney: A Garden Lost in Time”

Garden Portrait: Barrington Court Gardens

For December I am making a change to this Blog. Instead of posting a plant/nature flower each day (according to the season) I am going to publish a few posts about some of the lovely gardens I have visited in the UK. I hope you enjoy them! Well worth a visit in May/June. Information about theContinue reading “Garden Portrait: Barrington Court Gardens”

Commandant Beaurepaire

An old rose (Bourbons) with large double, fragrant light-pink flowers striped and flecked with deep-pink, purple and scarlet. This Bourbon rose is named for Nicholas Joseph Beaurepaire, a retired colonel in the French army who, after the Revolution and on the invasion of France by Prussia and Austria, was called to defend the town of Verdun withContinue reading “Commandant Beaurepaire”