Christmas Rose


H. niger is a semi-evergreen perennial to 30cm, with pedately lobed, leathery, dark green leaves and 1-3 pure white or pink-flushed white, bowl-shaped flowers up to 8cm in width. This is my first flower for 2015 and now has eleven beautiful flowers (3 x 3 and 2 x 1). A little late this year though as I usually see a flower open in February.

J is for Japanese Anemone

The term Japanese anemone is misleading.  Anemone hupehensis is actually a native of  Hupeh province in eastern China, but it was grown in Japanese gardens for centuries, hence the confusion. Japanese Anemone are herbaceous perennials with fibrous, rhizomatous or tuberous rootstocks, palmately lobed leaves and saucer-shaped, usually 5-petalled flowers.  They flower in late-summer or autumn, producing simple saucers in white and various shades of pink.

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C is for Clematis

There are many different varieties of clematis and colours range from white through to pink, deep reds, blues to purples. There are also yellow varieties too. Several are known as ‘Old Man’s Beard’ because of their distinctive seed-heads.

Clematis tangutica  is a very popular variety when people look for a species to grow up trees and other tall shrubs/ plants. Its yellow nodding bells are in abundance from July to Sept (then the seedheads are there for the rest of the year after that).