Macro Monday #57

(click to enlarge to full size) Also known as Queen Anne’s lace this is a dainty, frothy wildflower. Unlike cultivated carrots, the wild carrot’s root is tough and stringy and not particularly palatable. Wild carrot can be often be found growing on grassland, cliffs, roadsides and in hedge banks. Wild carrot flowers in the summer (JuneContinue reading “Macro Monday #57”

Macro Monday #24

(click to enlarge to full size) The British Black Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera), or  European Dark Honeybee, was common until the beginning of the 20th Century. Fully adapted for the cooler climate she was responsible for the pollination of the wild flowers you see in the British Isles today. Sadly a virus practically wiped theContinue reading “Macro Monday #24”

garden photography: monochrome

Well it is February and the start of a new theme. If you want to add a new dynamic to your photography then try adding pattern, form and texture. Often converting an image to black and white brings out something of interest, be it patterns or textures, that somehow get overlooked by colour. You can useContinue reading “garden photography: monochrome”