Friday Fountain Challenge: June

One of the more unusual fountains I have come across is in the Water Gardens of Westonbury Mill in Herefordshire. I am claiming the water tower as a fountain because it works on the same basic principle. Water is drawn up to the top and then flows down – in this case forced out – through various openings.


There are several follies in this garden and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

If you’d like to join in with the fountain challenge then please pop over to Polianthus for the rules

This month she is looking for unusual details on fountains/unusual fountains. I’m sure she would love to see you.

Garden Portrait: Westonbury Mill Water Gardens


The Water Tower with Gargoyles

Winding paths through the Bog Garden


Cool, shady areas


Butterflies Galore

A folly or two

Just a quiet, tranquil space to enjoy the bird song, running water, autumnal light and colours with plenty of benches to sit on and admire the surrounding Herefordshire hills and meadows.


You will find this unusual garden in the beautiful Welsh Marches close to the ‘Black-and-White’ village of Pembridge.

  • Street:        Westonbury Mill
  • Postcode:   HR6 9HZ
  • City:            Pembridge
  • County:      Herefordshire
  • Country:    United Kingdom

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