Flowers on Friday

Amomyrtus Luma

This large evergreen shrub can grow to 20 feet (6m) so not one for a small garden. In spring it produces abundant clusters of creamy-yellow flowers and both they and the foliage are scented. It usually flowers in May, but in some years can flower in March. These were seen in March here in Cornwall this year.

Macro Monday #92

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This pretty shrub was covered in flowers in early June (Bonython Garden) I think it is Halesia carolina (Snowdrop tree or Carolina Silverbell), but I don’t think I have seen one before. It is so pretty. Originating from south-eastern USA it is a hardy tall shrub/small tree. The spreading branches are heavily laden with white flowers whose dainty handkerchief skirts and yellow stamens hang down like nodding bells. It usually flowers in the UK in May, so a little late this year.

Plant Portrait

Genus Ipheion (starflower, spring starflower) are small bulbous perennials with onion-scented, narrowly strap-shaped leaves and sweet-scented star-shaped flowers in late winter and spring. These started flowering later than the accompanying blue muscari, but together they make a wonderful sight. As they are all planted in shallow terracotta pots they can be moved around the garden, but they do seem to love being in a sunny spot. Next year I think I will add some of the blue and purple ones to the mix.

Macro Monday #72

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This double white camellia has been with me since Ludlow. When we moved two years ago it was covered in flowers, but last year only had two. During last summer I watered and fed it and gave it a mulch of fresh Ericaceous compost and in the autumn buds began to form. After two ‘fallings over’ (it is in a container) due to storms and high winds at the beginning of the year, I brought it into the cold conservatory where it has remained. By avoiding the snow and the frost the blooms this year have been glorious. Perfectly white and perfectly formed waxy petals. I just wish camellias came with fragrance as every time I pass by I want to sniff it.