Garden Portrait: Berrington Hall Walled Garden

I mentioned the walled garden, which is near the mansion house, on my recent walk in Berrington Hall’s parkland . This walled garden has been transformed over the last few years and at this time of year is full of vibrant colour as well as a heavily laden orchard.

Step inside

Pathway with perennial borders

Behind the potting shed is a productive potager (an ornamental vegetable or kitchen garden), interspersed with annuals such as sweet-peas, marigolds, nasturtiums, everlastings and nicotiana. Often flowers (edible and non-edible) and herbs are planted with the vegetables to enhance the garden’s beauty.

In the Vegetable Garden, a fragrant tunnel of sweet-peas

I always find strolling around a garden makes me happy. The glory of nature combined with the skills of the gardener helps to calm me down when life and its curve-balls come crashing my way. It’s been a bit like that lately.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

Cornish Wild Flowers in June

The hedgerows, lanes and fields in Cornwall are awash with colour in the month of June. So here are just some of the beauties I managed to capture, though not all of them have been identified.




Cow Parsley and grasses
Cow Parsley and grasses


Hawthorn Hedgerows and Broom and field of grasses

There are so many colours to be found in the natural world.