June is all about ‘the essence of summer’

(This month I want to see what summer means to you. Still focussing on the garden or parkland let your photographs tell me your story of summer-time wherever in the world you live. )

My first thoughts about this month’s challenge was that summer in a garden is all about scent. The long sunny days and warm evenings draw out the fragrance of scented flowers and always take me back in time to my childhood when summer was always hot and trying to sleep with the windows open was impossible while neighbours mowed their lawns and the smell of newly mown grass filled my room. I can’t replicate the fragrances on the blog so I shall seek out my favourite scented flowers this month starting with roses. Old fashioned English roses.



If you would like to join in with Garden Photography then please take a look at my Garden Photography Page. No complicated rules 🙂

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  • Get your post in by the end of the month, as the new theme comes out on the first Sunday in July.
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58 thoughts on “garden photography: a rose garden

  1. This is my first time on one of your challenges! In Greenwich Park the roses always put on a fantastic display in June and I hope you will enjoy the photographs of Just Joey.


    1. My dad used to grow them so they always remind me of him. I have a few in pots and inherited a couple of climbers with the garden, yet to see what they are 🙂 I suspect it is too hot / wet for them where you live.

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      1. Our climate is temperate compared with other parts of Queensland so roses do grow quite well here. I have a rose garden in the front yard, although they are a bit bedraggled after the heavy rain and wind we’ve had this weekend. The rain will be good for them in the long run though. I might have one last flush of winter blooms before I prune at the end of July.


      1. Not that big by Aussie standards but enough for me to grow roses and Mr ET to grow citrus trees and some veges. He also has what I call a cottage garden bed. It’s lots of perennials and some annuals tucked in. The colours are lovely through summer. I’ll take some photos later in the year.

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    1. My roses are only just beginning to open so I look forward to a few months of fragrance in the garden. Shall have to go looking for open gardens with roses, I don’t think Cornwall is noted for its roses, but I am sure there must be some! We have had a lovely week, thank goodness as the grandkids were here and able to swim in the sea (rather them than me, it is very cold) and had a surfing lesson for their birthdays. They really enjoyed having a 15 minute drive to a beach, but not the 5 hour drive to get here.

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    1. Mottisfont is a delight, we used to visit it in June when we lived in Hampshire / Surrey. A bit far now though! David Austin near Telford is gorgeous too. These are from Sue’s favourite secret walled garden in Surrey, a shame she will miss this one whilst on her break.

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  2. I was trying to think which flower said Summer to me, and then I come here and it’s obvious, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 Lovely roses, Jude. I don’t know when I’ll join you but the good news is that Summer arrived this afternoon, while we were watching Andy. Hoping it lasts into tomorrow. 🙂

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    1. I am enjoying summer at the moment, down here you have to grab each sunny day with both hands. Hope this is just the start of a long, hot summer. We surely deserve one after the last few years.

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  3. Nothing beats the good old fashioned rose for an English summer does it? I can almost smell these beauties from here. I’m so thrilled that my front rose that I thought I had lost in the storms is growing back, yay! I really hoped to be in time for last month’s but missed it as with so many other posts I hoped to do. I emailed you with a pic I thought you might like to see (I took it with you in mind during a recent trip to Lewes) but I’m not sure if you got it…I tried to post it in a comment but it didn’t work. Hope all is well xx

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    1. Hi Sherri, lovely to see you. Yes, thanks I did get the picture. I’ll see if I can put it into your comment. Been a bit hectic here the past couple of weeks, old friends of OH over and then the grandkids. Not to mention the French Open to watch! Blogging has to take a back seat sometimes 🙂 Hope your book is coming along nicely and the trips to London are paying off.

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      1. Hi Jude, lovely to hear from you and glad all is well. I know all about blogging having to take a back seat as you know, and glad to know it’s been for good reasons 🙂 Sounds like wonderful family/friend diversions…shame about Andy in the French Open though. I’m still holding out for Rafa at Wimbledon…every the optimist! I’m glad you got the picture 🙂 I’ve finished with the trips to London now, I’ll try and get a post up by the end of the week with an update. Writing going well when I can get to it but lately far too many distractions – the good weather for one! Seriously though, I’m battling a bit with it all but if there’s one thing I’m going to do, that is finish the memoir by the autumn. My theory is that the more I keep saying (and writing) that, the more likely it will happen! xx

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    1. Oh, yes definitely in the right place. irises are very summerish and I love the cornflower blue ones. I have bright yellow ones! Our summer continues though the forecast keeps promising rain… cloudy, muggy and foggy at times, but warm. And the sun is shining today 🙂


      1. Oh, do hush! I keep pretending it’s coming out from behind a cloud. 😦 Scarecrow fest tomorrow so sure to be a deluge… and then sun? 🙂 🙂 Pretty please. I was so happy for 2 days!

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