Cornish Wild Flowers in June

The hedgerows, lanes and fields in Cornwall are awash with colour in the month of June. So here are just some of the beauties I managed to capture, though not all of them have been identified.




Cow Parsley and grasses
Cow Parsley and grasses


Hawthorn Hedgerows and Broom and field of grasses

There are so many colours to be found in the natural world.

19 thoughts on “Cornish Wild Flowers in June

  1. So colourful Jude. Hottentot Figs, what a weird name. It looks very much like a flower that grows along the dunes here, but I can’t remember the name but know it is not Hottentot figs, who could forget a name like that….

    • Native to South Africa also called vygies or sour figs (Hottentot was a range of mountains where they presumably were first found, also a word given to the Khoikhoi race so it is not used now in that context). You may know them as ice plants?

    • Hahaha… no I haven’t, though it’s not PC to call the vygies Hottentot Figs any more. You know them as Ice Plants (which I find quite bizarre)

      • I saw that reference in other comments on your post. I recognise the flower, but don’t know them by any name (which applies to most flowers in my case, actually). I tell you, it’s almost cold enough here now (6C or 7C at night) to get ice! 😦

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