Ground Clematis


I always thought that clematis was a climbing plant, but this variety Clematis recta ‘purpurea’ is an unusual variety in that it is a bushy plant that bursts out of the ground in spring with smoky-purple elliptical young leaves that gradually turn to green, with a purple cast, as they age. Then it is covered in fragrant little white star-shaped flowers. The autumn sees these delightful seed-heads with what look like tiny white feathers.

11 thoughts on “Ground Clematis

    • I found this in the Wightwick Manor garden not too far away, wasn’t sure what it was, but it looks to match the ID. Maybe Tish can visit when it is in flower!

  1. Weren’t you tempted to ‘rescue’ some of the seed heads Jude? It looks like real treasure to me. A couple others that don’t cling are Jouiania Praecox, a bit dull, and Alionuska, which is lovely.

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