Macro Monday #28

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hardy geranium

Another hardy geranium in the garden. This one could be ‘Mavis Simpson‘ a low and spreading, almost evergreen plant has lobed silvery foliage which makes a lovely background for the pink flowers which themselves have a silver overlay as well as dark veins.

21 thoughts on “Macro Monday #28

    • Mine too! And they look after themselves which is a bonus. I was going to ask you to recommend a cheap, but good place to stay in in New York as I know you have been loads of times. My daughter wants to visit for her 40th birthday in mid October. I have your NY pages bookmarked already 😀

  1. It’s very beautiful with the purple veining. I don’t think it’s ‘Mavis Simpson’, though I could be wrong. At first glance I thought it was some form of oxanianum, perhaps ‘Lace Time’ or similar, but they cross so readily that it’s hard to be sure.

    • I doubt I shall ever know the names of the ones in the garden, as you say they self-seed and cross so easily, but they are lovely plants. I have read that it is good to crop them after flowering, does this include chopping down the leaves as well as the flower heads?

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