Head down!

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A bumble bee feeding on Erigeron glaucus ‘Sea Breeze’. I must get some of these flowers in to my garden. I have just the wall for them.


41 thoughts on “Macro Monday #38

      1. Good for you! I have just bought, myself a little Gorillapod for my travels – even my travel tripod is too much for me now, at 1lb 2oz. This little thing is 6.5 oz, but of course I have to find something to put it on, eg a table, or something to wrap it’s legs around! Fun and games!


      2. We have one of those, they are very useful. Also get yourself (or make) a mini bean bag. You can fill it with rice or grain when you arrive and then dispose of the contents when you leave if necessary. Helps to stabilise the camera on rocks etc. Where are you going? I have probably missed any communication about this trip!

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      3. Make a bean bag, Jude! I don’t sew…. ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ as to communications, they have only been asides in comments – off for a few days in Spain …Malaga and Cรณrdoba. I notice I miss good weather here whilst I’m away, although at present it’s damp and a tad grey


    1. Home at 5 pm yesterday, not a bad journey though somewhat damp. Arrived in heavy rain, but not too bad today – mizzle. Garden a mess! Weeds have grown exponentially! Something has eaten my parsley ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Oh, well, too wet to do anything today – I shall catch up with the banking stuff instead. Clocked 1,950 miles on the journey!


    1. They are quite large flowers Gilly. You must get them your way? They seem to grow everywhere down here. On walls mainly. There are purple ones too. They don’t grow high, more like a carpet?


  1. Erigeron glaucus, aka Seaside daisy, has become somewhat invasive here. It is therefore sometimes called “Edna’s Curse” after Edna Walling, garden designer, who is credited with introducing it. All that doesn’t detract from your great photo, of course, Jude ๐Ÿ˜€

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