Here comes summer #9

The White Garden – Sissinghurst


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You can read more about Sissinghurst Castle Garden in my Garden Portrait.

14 thoughts on “Here comes summer #9

  1. Aiaia1, so lovely impressions from Sissinghurst and the White Garden, Jude. Gorgeous place! From all I have seen so far in England, it’s my favourite castle and garden. In a way it’s like Cley, it’s hard to pick a favorite spot or corner of the garden, it’s the altogether atmosphere that makes it. This one went right to my soft spot. ❤ 🙂

    • I remember that you have a soft spot for Sissinghurst. I must admit I wasn’t quite as taken with it on this visit, though the white garden was looking lovely.

  2. We have similar photos of Sissinghurst! think I took my header daisies there. It looks like you were luckier with the hoards of people than I was 🙂

    • Ha! We always wait until the gardens are practically closing then run around to the bits we want to photograph again! I actually found myself getting quite annoyed with people stepping into my photos, which is ridiculous as they have every right to walk around the grounds and look at the flowers. Eventually I took time out to just sit and relax and look.

  3. It’s a bit mysterious to me why I like gardens so much, and yet could not make one to save my life. Thank you for offering me so many gardens to delight. I love the idea of a white garden – or in fact any monochrome garden.

    I too have strategies for eliminating people from popular places: arriving at 6 am unfortunately doesn’t work when opening time is 11!

    • Most public gardens here don’t open until 11 or even noon, and close at 5 pm. Goodness knows how you are supposed to get those perfect sunrise/sunset photos – I guess you have to ask for special permission to enter the garden. The times to avoid is when coaches arrive at the big popular gardens – usually between noon and 3 pm. so they can have lunch on site too 😉

    • I still haven’t got there whilst the roses are flowering over the canopy – I am always too late! Apparently this year they didn’t last very long and flowered at the end of May – mid-June. Still the rest of it was looking good.

  4. One of my favorite gardens ever, and you captured it beautifully. Always a challenge to get detail on the white flowers with the dark green backgrounds. Another beautiful set of flower images!

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