A monster in the garden?

(click to enlarge to full size)


I spotted this unusual bract hiding in the leaves. I believe it to be a Wild Angelica, (Angelica sylvestris) Common Hogweeed (not to be confused with the rather poisonous Giant Hogweed) found in hedgerows and which grows to 1- 2 m in height. The large, mound-shaped flowers are pink-tinged at first, becoming white. I’ll feature the flowers later in the year.

(Thanks Steve for helping me identify this correctly. If you want exquisite flower photography then please pop over to his wonderful wild flowers of Texas site)


30 thoughts on “Macro Monday #21

    1. I noticed flowers opening yesterday but it was too windy to get a photo, I’ll keep trying! They are like cow parsley or wild carrot – an umbellifer.


    1. It did give me a bit of a fright as I could only glimpse the purple hairy bit through the nettles. Rather relieved to find it was only the leaf/flower bract.


  1. Really beautiful close up – and the veins (lines) are so nice with the fuzz – I looked at the close-up of it and wow!
    Also – quick question – I read that you said this was found behind stinging nettle – well is that the same kind of nettle they use for tea!


    1. I believe it is the stinging nettle used for tea, you need to pick the leaves when they are young and tender – with thick gloves on! As I loathe tea I won’t be bothering with that 😀

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      1. Wow – I pictured you as a tea drinker – you know as being such a botanist and all – but tea is not everyone’s cup of tea (ok – that was bad!)
        Anyhow – loathe is a very strong word – so I get it! Is coffee on your list?


    1. This was of a leaf emerging, the rest of them aren’t so hairy. It is difficult to see whether the leaf shape is the same. Maybe it is a different umbellifer?



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